The selling or buying of your cottage is more emotional than any other property investment.

“It is the last best place in the world you will ever buy;
stacked with more dreams and less compromises than any other.
That's what I see in my practice.”
– Anita Latner –

Anita Latner

A Lifestyle of Generations

Although I can't remember never summering in Muskoka as a cottager; Muskoka is now my home. Muskoka frames so many of our family's photos. In honour of our parents, our family named a road after them for the gift they bestowed on their children and grand-children. The gift? Muskoka. And, exclusive membership to its “Big Three” lakes.

Our family cottage is more than 50 years old… over half a century…

Like those of my parents' generation, my folks built their own dream cottage along Lake Muskoka's shores. There was lots of vacant shoreline available then. Not so now. Now if you wish… dream… to build your own cottage… you are in the market for a 'tear-down' on a prime piece of Muskoka's rich shoreline. Or, you are prepared to search for a cottage that best suits your family. Regardless, the pursuit requires patience. It is an investment of your time & money.

Simply put: your 'home' is your castle; your cottage is your 'Camelot'.

When age forced my parents' friends to retire from their active summer lives, they all listed their cottages for sale with me; then a young “upstart”. Talk about loyalty to our family.

Chalk it up as another gift from that generation of entrepreneurs: trust and loyalty.

Aside from their family and friends, the last thing my mother and father wanted to see was their Muskoka cottage. That was their last wish. Sadly, they were too frail for us to fulfill their last rites in Muskoka.

In some vicarious way, I believe, I extend their desire to be in Muskoka by just being here in the cottage they built four generations ago.



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